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High, Medium or Low Contrast?

May 6, 2021 · Colour Theory

Perhaps one of the other most important elements to ensuring you are wearing combinations of colors or prints that suit you, is whether you have a High Contrast, Medium Contrast or Low Contrast Complexion. Even if you are not sure of your “undertone”, getting your “contrast” right will make a big difference to how you look. Your natural levels of contrast is the relationship between your skin tone and hair color. If your skin tone and hair color are noticeably different eg. Fair skin dark hair or vice versa then you are likely to be a High Contrast Level.

Once you have determined your Natural Contrast Level you can choose to replicate that contrast in how you dress.

A professional color analysis will also factor in your eye color and will reveal more detail in relation to your precise color values. You can use this information to select a combination of colors based on their position on the color wheel.

We have identified all our prints as to whether they suit a High Contrast, Medium Contrast or Low Contrast person.

Just as in your genetic make up, we encourage you to embrace your individuality and find the science behind your very own style. We encourage everyone to express themselves and wear exactly what makes them feel confident and comfortable. Fashion is an expression of who you are and knowing a little about the science will assist you in feeling confident and elevated every day.