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What’s your signature colour?

May 31, 2022 · Colour Theory

“That colour looks fantastic on you!” How nice is it to receive such a compliment? It’s usually a compliment you’ll get when you’ve nailed the use of your signature colours. 

 Signature colours are the colours that harmonise completely with your personal colouring - found in your features like eyes, skin, and hair. They are the colours that make you shine, and they can turn an ‘okay’ outfit into a fantastic one! Signature colours tend to be very prominent in your complexion, or they can be ones that enhance the natural colours found in your features – like complementary colours on the colour wheel. 

How to find out your signature colours 

Colour cards given after a colour analysis

Discovering your signature colours through a Colour Analysis is phenomenally powerful. As part of a colour consult, you’re given a palette or swatch that works for your colour type. You’ll also discover your signature colours - the ones within your palette that are best for you. In fact, we should say: the colours that bring out the best in you. Colours have impact – your face and features become enhanced, so people aren’t complimenting you on how nice your shirt is, they are complimenting you on how radiant you look in it

Shopping for investment buys 

Alison de Boer picking fashion pieces that match the client's tones

When shopping for an investment item, our best advice is to choose a signature colour. For pieces that you’ll will wear many times over, or have a significant price tag attached, you are doing yourself a massive favour if opt for one of your signature colours. The palette swatch you receive with a Colour Analysis, which contains your signature colours, is your own personal colour wheel to shop with. Make sure it’s in your handbag and you check any investment buy against it. 

 Learn to wear your signature colours

Alison de Boer shopping with an exclusive client

For maximum impact, wear signature colours close to your face, or on the upper half of your body. Another style technique is to use these colours in your key accessories such as shoes, belts, and bags. 

Developing your personal style is truly a transformative journey. That’s also the beauty of our Science Of Style mentor groups - the journey doesn’t end after a Colour Analysis. And once you have your signature colours established, you’ll find yourself looking in the mirror and complimenting yourself: “that colour does look fabulous on me!”