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Are you lacking confidence when combining colours in your outfits?

Apr 29, 2022 · Colour Theory

Do you purposefully combine certain colours in your wardrobe to create a particular look? Or do you choose items and hope for the best? One of the most useful colour styling tips when creating an outfit is this: learn how to harmonise your colours. Here are five colour combinations that instantly create different kinds of harmony for you to experiment with.


woman wearing Monochromatic colours

A monochromatic combination is the use of different shades of the same colour. You could start with a blue column of colour – then you would pair lighter or darker blues to build the monochromatic look.


Analogous outfits

Analogous colours are those that are next to each other on the colour wheel. These colours are often found together in nature and are calming to the eye. They look quite good on most complexions.


Complementary colours in outfits

Complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. This combination is highly visible. Wearing this combination can make a statement or bring a sense of drama to your outfit. Despite being opposite colours, they don’t clash. In fact, these colours enhance each other.


woman wearing triadic outfit

Triadic colours are put together by creating a triangle with colours in the colour wheel. This is another combination that will attract attention, but can be used more subtly if you choose.

Split Complementary

women wearing Split Complementary outfit

Some people might find Complementary too strong or dramatic, but still want to create a striking visual effect. Split complementary combinations will do this - they are more subtle but still pack a punch with visual appeal.

Experiment and get creative

Colour analysis and personal stylist, Alison de Boer

Do you find yourself naturally using one of these colour combinations more often than others? The beauty of colour theory that it’s easy to experiment with to create your look. Finding these five colour combinations in your wardrobe means you’ll have items you know go together, and a set of outfits that work.

different colour harmonies

If you are having some trouble with identifying these colour combinations, or just want to learn more about the colour wheel and what colours you can mix and match together, we have provided you with some useful apps below that can assist you.

Apps that can assist you

Apps that can assist with colour combinations

If you want to understand what colour combinations work best for you, purchase our online or in-person colour analysis today.