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How to find colours that make you glow

Feb 24, 2022 · Colour Theory

Have you ever put something on and immediately felt glowing and radient? Or the opposite happens - you feel really lacklustre, and not true to yourself? Colours can have a lot to do with this! When you wear colours that harmonise with your appearance, you feel more like your authentic self. But how do you work out your best colours? We have three tips to get you started.

Look at your eyes

The colours in your eyes tell us a lot about the colours that best suit you. When we do a colour analysis we look for signature colours in your eyes. A close-up photo of your iris reveals a myriad of colours you may not have even realised are there. Just like your eyes, you are unique, so it’s important to remember that the latest colour trends won’t always complement your uniqueness. Look for colours that are true to you.


Consult your colour wheel

Regardless of how beautiful our eyes are, some colours simply don’t naturally appear in eyes, like red and purple. So look at where your colours sit on the colour wheel and seek out harmonising colours. They don’t have to perfectly match your eye colours, but do need to work with them.


Hold a colour under your chin

When you’re looking at a colour, close your eyes and then open them while holding the colour under your chin. Does it make you look washed-out? Or does it make your skin look glowing? Use a comparison colour and switch between them - comparing helps you decide if a colour works for you.


With the right colours, you’ll soon get very used to the feeling of happiness and confidence that comes with it. The perfect harmony of colour truly makes you glow inside and out.