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Five Benefits of a Colour Analysis

Jan 13, 2022 · Colour Theory

There are so many sales at certain times of the year! Boxing Day, Black Friday, End of Financial Year sales: all good opportunity to shop. So let’s talk about being more considered in our purchasing decisions, and ways to use a Colour Analysis to refine your shopping approach.

When I went shopping before my Colour Analysis, I’d see outfits in various stores and think how nice they look. I’d fall in love and before I knew it the outfit was nestled in my wardrobe. 

Most often, though, when I’d get home and put it on I’d be disappointed because it didn’t look right on me. So I’d automatically think I was somehow flawed. I thought I was the issue, not the garment

What I know now is this: if you don’t know what colours and styles are best for you, you’ll be really disappointed when you buy an outfit and it looks blegh on you. I now know I’m not inherently flawed! I was just making uninformed choices about what looks best on me.

So, my Top 5 Benefits of a Colour Analysis are:

More educated decisions about what to buy. I can walk into a store and make a quick assessment of which colours/items I should consider, rather than being overwhelmed by too many choices.

My trend rather than on trend. My purchases are based on what will work for me rather than what is on trend. For example, I’m an inverted triangle so nothing will make huge shoulder pads work for me no matter how popular they may be at any given time!

My wardrobe is coordinated. I could theoretically pick out any top with any bottom in my wardrobe and they would coordinate in terms of colour. This gives me endless options and allows me to develop combinations that I probably wouldn’t have considered before. 

I am aware of what my preferred style personality is. As part of the analysis, you get to do a style personality review. This helps to guide you in terms of the style of pieces, not just the colour.

It is customised to reflect your unique features. The final result you receive is based on very specific elements of your complexion, and that’s why it works so well. It’s interesting to see how different individual analysis results can be even when the ‘colour type’ is the same.

Okay I said five, but I thought of another one!

BONUS: My mentoring group. This was a surprise benefit that I hadn’t realised would be so valuable! My mentoring group gives me a safe place to experiment and get advice from others. I have a team of like-minded women to share insights with, which reinforces my learning at the same time.

So, if you’re thinking about having a Colour Analysis done, it’s good to know that it can be the start of a journey. Or you can just work with your best colours and leave it at that. Either way, it is a great way to invest in yourself and understand how to make the most of the uniqueness that is you!

I used to think I was somehow flawed when shopping for clothes

– Terri