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Styling Services

We offer a range of styling services for both individual and corporate clients, as well as exclusive services for select clients who would like a comprehensive, supportive styling experience. Additionally, throughout the year we host exciting events and workshops.

Individual Services

A Colour Analysis and Body Shape Analysis are the first fundamental steps towards taking control of your budget and your wardrobe. By gaining a greater understanding of how to look your very best, you will notice an improvement in your self-esteem and confidence, creating a positive impact on many areas of your life.

Exclusive Clients

Available to a limited number of clients who have completed a Colour Analysis and Body Shape Analysis, our exclusive service is offered in an annual package that provides our clients with exclusive styling services and private sessions.

Corporate Services

As members of the International Image Association, the largest and leading association worldwide for image consultants, we are able to provide businesses with a variety of services tailored to their specific needs and offer additional corporate styling support and guidance.

Events & Workshops

The Science of Style team takes pride in being able to connect our clients with a network of fashion and image consultants, both locally and internationally. We also facilitate many events and workshops throughout the year at our Gold Coast premises to foster community and have fun.

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The aim of our newsletters is to provide positive social connection by giving back. We would be delighted to have new people join our community and to keep up-to-date with us by subscribing to our newsletter.

Our Values

We value integrity, generosity and respect and our purpose is to enable our clients to become the best version of themselves.


Our clients come first. We prioritise our accessibility as a business online, email or phone or via our website.


We foster connection between people online or in person. We strive to build and maintain relationships based on trust and accountability. We respect boundaries and are non-judgemental.


We are a business built on passion for our clients and years of successful business operations within Australia and overseas. We have earned a high level of expertise and have confidence in our products, services and client satisfaction.

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