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May 6, 2021 · Body Shape

The Seven Body Shapes: Which One Are You?

We want to tell you something simple and empowering: your body shape is perfect. Why? Because it’s yours! And once you know which your body shape you are, you can create a wardrobe that fits and flatters.

Gone are the days where the hourglass shape was considered to be perfection, with everything else lumped together in the imperfect bucket. We now know that body shapes all have their strengths, and if we play to those strengths we can look and feel beautiful in our own silhouette.

Sounds good doesn’t it - the opportunity to embrace our body shapes. After all, our body houses our heart and soul. You can be immensely proud and grateful for the magic that is your body.

Why Categorise Body Shapes?

It may feel a little unflattering to be labelled a certain body shape. But if we strip back any negative body image assumptions we have, it’s actually very helpful. Knowing the characteristics of our body can explain why wearing some styles of clothing make us look and feel great. It also explains why we might cringe in the mirror in other styles!

When our Science of Style team help customers with styling choices, body shape helps us provide balance, proportion and scale to our outfit recommendations. We are sure it’ll also help you every day when you open your wardrobe to choose your daily wears.

As clothing designers, we also want to make sure our designs suit real women! With some thoughtful planning, we can make sure we design garments that suit each body shape. In fact, each item we sell has been designed to flatter certain body shapes. Perhaps it’s yours..!

Which Body Shape Are You?

You might come across different names used for body shapes. We use a fantastic system that keeps it to letters and numbers: A, O, V, X, H, I and 8. Sounds cryptic? Well they actually represent each body shape in a methodical way, based on key differences between the shoulders, waist and hips (not the bust!). Not everyone fits perfectly into a body shape category, but they share common characteristics that most of us possess in one way or another.

We’ve listed and described the seven body shapes below. Check them out and see which one best describes you! Then you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect wardrobe of clothes you’ll feel great in.

A, O and V body shapes X, H, I and 8 body shapes